Dönüs-Retour (doc, 50′)

Directed by Valeria Mazzucchi

Jérôme Bastion is a corrispondent for Radio France Internationale (RFI) in Turkey. He has lived for 20 years in Istanbul, becoming a reference for the French speaking radio audiences in world. A voice for civil rights and freedom of speech, Jérôme has witnessed Erdoğan’s Turkey returning in the state of violence and deprivation of freedoms, a situation, that reminds him the status quo when he first arrived in Turkey. Dönüş–Return follows the life of Jérôme in his last weeks in Istanbul, before his distressful decision to leave Turkey after the Turkish general election of November 2015.

Shooting: Emmanuele Delrio, Davide Preti

Editing: Emmanuele Delrio, Davide Preti

Festivals & Awards:

Reset award – Diritti Umani, Festival dei Diritti Umani di Milano 2017

Dok Preview and Dok Leipzig 2016

DIG Awards 2017



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