Covid19. Fase 2. The ‘Milano da bere’ rebirth

How bars and restaurants faced, after at least 68 days of closure caused by the Coronavirus emergency, the reopening and the return to sociality

Covid19 has killed thousands of lives.
But is this virus changing the idea of ​​sociability?

After at least 68 days of months of ‘lockdown’ we are in phase 2, the beginning of a long transition towards a new normal.
On this journey through the most popular neighborhoods of Milan nightlife, we listen to the managers of bars and restaurants while they reorganize their facilities and create new services to deal with the emergency.
What are their fears, innovations, hopes and difficulties they are facing?
Will Milan be able to be reborn?

Reportage by Davide Preti
Lockdown shooting: Giovanni Freri

Thanks to:
Belè Restaurant
La Balera dell’Ortica
Marco Morona

June ’20

Moise and the earthquake

Moise was 4yo when he lost his left leg due to the earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010. Ten years later, the summer holidays are drawing to a close. Moise, his parents and his younger brother Sonel lived in the Mariani district, on the western side of Port-au-Prince.
The walls and roof of their modest home are made of corrugated iron. The family lost everything due to the earthquake. Without the house, which collapsed with the earthquake, they moved to a peripheral area of ​​the capital. But luckily they all survived.
This is the story of that day, 10 years ago.

A film by Davide Preti

Client: Humanity & Inclusion NGO

january 2020

The Future’s Kindergarten

Reportage made in Reggio Emilia at Campi Soncini Kindergarten for Dimora D’Abramo.
The Campi Soncini kindergarten is located in Via Adua near the Reggio Emilia Train Station.
Inserted in the most multi-ethnic neighborhood of Reggio Emilia, its classes are composed of almost 80% foreigners.

Film by Davide Preti

Client: Dimora D’Abramo

january 2019